YouTube Rank Factor. How to get video to first page.

For those who are professional YouTubers, if you follow the 5 Rank Factors of YouTube, you can easily bring your video to the first page.

YouTube Rank Factor. How to get video to first page.


The most important thing about YouTube videos is tuments. The more comments your video has, the faster your video will appear on the first page.

2. View:

Views of a video are very important. The more views a video has from different countries or different IPs, the faster your video will rank.

3. Like:

The more likes on the video, the more a video will advance in terms of rank.

4. Subscribe:

The more subscribers you get on a channel or watch a video, the more quickly the channel will rank.

5. Adding YouTube video tags

Tags are descriptive keywords that you can add to videos. They help visitors find your content. Video title, thumbnail and description are important metadata that will help viewers find your video. This key information helps viewers decide which videos to watch.

Tags can be useful if there are spelling mistakes in the video content. Also, tags don't play a big role in finding videos.

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